I know....I'm late. I have finally gotten around to posting about a trip Aleya & I took all the way way back in May when we went to Scotland and hiked the Isle of Skye.

Well, we tried to hike the Isle of Skye. The trail has 7 legs, but we only hiked five and half legs of it. While hiking the second leg, which follows the Trotternish Ridge, we were turned back half way into the route due to an incoming storm. This prevented us from getting a close look at the Old Man of Storr.

And the day we were to hike the last leg was the sunniest and warmest day of the entire trip. Rather than hike from Torrin to Broadford, we decided to drive around the island and make the most of the good weather - including finally hiking up to the Storr.

In total, we hiked 87 miles. Despite all the rain and sheep shit, I'd love to go back and do it again.

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Sound of Rassey

The Old Man of Storr, overlooking the Sound of Raasay.