I am really slow at getting photos on to this website. Terribly slow. So slow that I'm finally getting around to posting photos I took on a trip from March 5th. To be honest, though, I have an excuse. Some of the photos were taken with film. I usually scan these at home, but, my scanner isn't as sharp as it once was. So I sent the film off to be scanned elsewhere and I finally got it all back a couple weeks ago. So there. That's my excuse.

In early March, Death Valley had a rare floral "super bloom" that occurs every ten years or so. Thanks to some heavy rainfall in December and January, 2016 was one of those years.

Sadly, this wasn't a planned trip, so it was impossible to get a room near the park, and every campground was booked. I was there for just a day, and it was a marvelous day.

Dry ground

near Zabriskie Point

near Zabriskie Point

Flowers and salt flats

Salt flats

View of the valley

I can't wait to go back to Death Valley.