I know....I'm late. I have finally gotten around to posting about a trip Aleya & I took all the way way back in May when we went to Scotland and hiked the Isle of Skye.

Well, we tried to hike the Isle of Skye. The trail has 7 legs, but we only hiked five and half legs of it. While hiking the second leg, which follows the Trotternish Ridge, we were turned back half way into the route due to an incoming storm. This prevented us from getting a close look at the Old Man of Storr.

And the day we were to hike the last leg was the sunniest and warmest day of the entire trip. Rather than hike from Torrin to Broadford, we decided to drive around the island and make the most of the good weather - including finally hiking up to the Storr.

In total, we hiked 87 miles. Despite all the rain and sheep shit, I'd love to go back and do it again.

Check out more details and photos on the travel page.



Sound of Rassey

The Old Man of Storr, overlooking the Sound of Raasay.

My latest mix is called “The Greatest Name That Lives" - Your passport to dusty grooves from all corners of the globe.

Listening options:
  1. Emilia Contessa & Dengan Band - “Djula-Djuli” (Indonesia, 197?)
  2. Naang Naang - "Kon Aue Nam" (Burma, 1978)
  3. Saing Saing Maw - “Than Shin Ley Ye Khan” (Burma, 197?)
  4. Syamsudin - “Talang Denti” (Indonesia, 197?)
  5. Al Balabil - “Unknown” (?, ?)
  6. Enrique Males & Co - “Uaua Uanui” (?, ?)
  7. Persona - “Água” (Brazil, 1975)
  8. Francis Bebey - “Pygmy Love Song” (US, 1982)
  9. Marvin Kingsley - “We Got Not To Turn Our Back” (Nigeria, 1978)
  10. Sonny Oti & His Group - “Late Nite Husband (Excerpt)” (Nigeria, 197?)
  11. Lata Ramasar - “The Greatest Name That Lives” (US, 1980)

My latest mix is called “Kill My World" - A shimmering Mandala of psychedelic pop, rock and folk.

Listening options:
  1. The New Phoenix - “Give To Me Your Love” (US, 1968)
  2. Michael Angelo - "Flight of Pegasus" (US, 1977)
  3. Sachiko Kanenobu - “I Remember” (Japan, 1972)
  4. Tony, Caro and John - “Waltz For A Spaniel” (UK, 1972)
  5. Bonnie Dobson - “Light of Love” (US, 1970)
  6. Richard Twice - “Your Love Like Heaven Be” (US, 1970)
  7. Mata Hari - “Easy” (Australia, 197?)
  8. Happy End - “Ashita Tenki ni Naare” (Japan, 1971)
  9. Pretty Things - “Trust” (UK, 1968)
  10. The Millennium - “I'm With You” (US, 1968)
  11. David Crosby - “Laughing” (US, 1971)
  12. Autumn - “Kill My World (excerpt)” (Australia, 197?)
  13. Mistress Mary - “I Don’t Wanna Love Ya Now” (US, 1969)
  14. Julie Driscoll - “I Know You Love Me Not” (UK, 1967)

In late June I went to Waterloo University in Ontario for work. I remember going to Niagara Falls as a kid, but to be honest, I didn't remember much else other than that I had been there. Since I was left to my own devices over the weekend, I decided to check them out. Again. They are huge! Bigger than I remembered. And such an odd juxtaposition of this extreme landscape with giant advertisements in every direction.

I took some shots with film, but have yet to send it in for processing since I'm still finishing a couple rolls. But I was happy with this digital shot.


Two weekends ago I ran the San Francisco marathon. It was the third marathon that I've run and second time on this course. I'm happy to say that each race, I've run a little faster than the previous. This time I was 13 minutes faster than what I ran here last year, and 6 and a half minutes faster than what I ran in St. Louis in April.

I look forward to running this again next year.

Something I started doing last month was waking up early on weekends and beating the traffic over the Golden Gate Bridge to run in the Marin Headlands. Sunny or foggy, it's amazing how peaceful and beautiful it can be less than 30 minutes away from the heart of San Francisco.

Also, thanks to relive.cc for the slick video that gets emailed to me after each run.

My latest mix is called “The Angry Desert” - A soundtrack of dark moody country music fit for staring into a New Mexico desert storm.

Listening options:
  1. Wayne, Pat & Keith - “I’m Tired of You Satan” (US, 196?)
  2. Jacky Lee - “Misery” (US, 1959)
  3. Betty Foley - “Old Moon” (US, 1959)
  4. Clint Blacklaw - “Still as the Night” (US, 1959)
  5. Gary Shelton - “Stop The World” (US, 1959)
  6. Jimmy Minor - “Satan’s Chauffeur” (US, 1960)
  7. Bill Mack - “Cheatin’ On Your Mind” (US, 1957)
  8. Dianne Renner - “Quicksand” (US, 1963)
  9. The Sound Offs - “The Angry Desert” (US, 1963)
  10. Trey Barker - “Valley of Tears, Part II” (US, 1960)
  11. Curly Sanders - “Walking Blues” (US, 1957)
  12. Mark Murphy - “Come and Get Me” (US, 1995)
  13. Wayland Chandler - “Cold Cold Grave” (US, 1960)
  14. Art Killmer & The Up-Town Four - “The Devil’s Twist” (US, 1960)
  15. Doodle Duncan - “Death Row” (US, 1960)
  16. Conway Twitty - “Ain’t it Sad to Stand and Watch Love Die” (US, 1968)
  17. Bobby Wall - “Baby It’s Too Much” (US, 1958)
  18. Johnny Burnette - “The Train Kept A Rollin'” (US, 1956)
  19. Hasil Adkins - “She Said” (US, 1986)

My latest mix is called “Fooling Around" - soft global grooves suitable for coastal sunsets and lapping waves.

Listening options:
  1. Bobby Brown - “Hawaii Nei I’ll Miss You” (US, 1982)
  2. Hyldon - “Eleonora” (Brazil, 1975)
  3. Hiroshi Sato - “孫悟空 (Son Go Kuw)” (Japan, 1979)
  4. Rexy - “Send In The Clones” (UK, 1981)
  5. Spike - “Fooling Around” (Netherlands, 1984)
  6. Mad Music Inc. - “Track 4” (US, 1977)
  7. Nedelle Torrisi - “Can’t Wait” (US, 2015)
  8. Sade - “Give It Up” (UK, 1988)
  9. Nohelani Cypriano - “Lihue” (US, 1975)
  10. Bebeto Castilho - “P’re Nao Chorar” (Brazil, 1975)
  11. Quarteto Em Cy - “Tudo que você podia ser” (US, 1988)
  12. Pete Jolly - “Springs” (US, 1970)

2016 is finally over. There are a lot of reasons for the world to be glad 2016 is over, but this is not a blog for that. I'll just keep it personal. And from a personal standpoint, 2016 was a pretty great year.

Below are some of my favorite shots from 2016:

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

Morning run.

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

A photo posted by Tyler Craft (@tylercraft) on

My latest mix is called “Unicorns in Paradise" - A sonic ashram for the planetarium in your mind.

Listening options:
  1. Deuter - “Starway” (Germany, 1984)
  2. Inoyama Land - “Mizue” (Japan, 1983)
  3. Laraaji - “Unicorns in Paradise (excerpt)” (US, 1981)
  4. Planetary Peace - “I Am That I Am” (US, 1983)
  5. Daniel Schmidt - “And the Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn” (US, 2016)
  6. Nuno Canavarro - “Wask” (Portugal, 1988)
  7. Sharon Wiener - “Returning” (Canada, 1996)
  8. Ariel Kalma - “Arrival” (Canada, 1982)
  9. Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera - “Concessioni Naturali” (UK, 2016)