Catalina Island

December 2015

I have been wanting to take a backpacking trip for as long as I can remember. Finally, I was able to talk Doug and Gheorge into joining me and hiking the Trans-Catalina Trail. Officially it's 37.2 miles long. However, that's from Avalon to Starlight Beach. You still have to hike back from Starlight Beach to Two Harbors in order to leave the island. So, in total, it was 54 miles of hiking. We went between Christmas and Thanksgiving and it felt like we had the island to ourselves. It was beautiful and all that I had hoped.

Catalina Island, USA
4 days, 3 nights

  • Trans-Catalina Trail
  • Camping
  • Fuji x100s
  • iPhone 6S

Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is part of the Channel Islands just off the coast of Los Angeles.

Catalina Island

Day 1: Avalon to Black Jack


Three intrepid travelers ready to start hiking after filling up at the Pancake Cottage.

Catalina Island


Looking back at where we started.

Catalina Island


It may have been December, but it was hot.

Catalina Island


That 100 yard stare that only comes after hiking 17 miles and then patiently waiting the required 20 minutes for the hot water to do its thing with your freeze dried chana masala.

Day 2: Two Harbors

Catalina Island

05 Looking back from the Banning House road as we started descending into Two Harbors.

Catalina Island

Day 3: Parsons Landing to Starlight Beach


Sunrise at Two Harbors campground.

Catalina Island


Starlight Beach. The end of the Trans-Catalina Trail!

Catalina Island


Looking north towards Starlight Beach.

Catalina Island


Trying to make it back to camp before the sun sets.

Catalina Island


Sunset from a bench on Parsons Landing.

Catalina Island

Day 4: Return to Two Harbors


We hit the trail before sunrise so we could get to Two Harbors in time for the first ferry.

Catalina Island


Gheorge hiking up the Fenceline Road.

Catalina Island


The top of the last hill. It's all downhill from here!